Monday, September 6, 2010

Indulging the Anti-PC Crowd favours the Just Plain Rude #ausvotes #auswaits

This is my post to @journo_realdeal (in response to this tweet )

This is the reply from @journo_realdeal

I don't think it's trolling because of the use of ALL CAPS. Trolls never shout, unless everything is in ALL CAPS.

This was on #ausvotes.

I do think it's further evidence that the importation of "anti-PC" rhetoric from the prolefeed mills of the USA is destroying common decency in Australia. There has been a confusion of 'political correctness' with 'being polite' and the more emotionally labile among the self-identifying 'real world' right simply chose to be rude or more rude depending on how frustrated they're feeling. No doubt this is because of the lack of real targets in Australia or the Anti-PC crowd. Political Correctness was never very big in Australia because we tend to take the mickey out of everything anyway. An organised campaign was never needed.

Thus, the lack of available targets for these News Ltd rag waving Taliban (students) means that they have to randomly spray passers-by.

I mean, I might have two heads, a left and a right, but I am not fat. Or a socialist.

Where is all this anger coming from?

Generally I find it hard to relate to people with only one head, but at least i try.

This response is completely unfathomable.